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New-Build and Refit Packages

EMM have provided some of the leading vessel owners with complete packages of marine and lifting equipment for their new-build projects.  These packages have been provided to shipyards in locations around the globe, including Singapore, China, Brazil, Norway, Poland and the UK.  We have supplied complete packages to several established multi-national companies including:

Equipment Package

  • Maersk
  • Gulf Offshore
  • Swire Pacific
  • Norskan
  • Sealion Shipping
  • ER Shipping

In addition to providing equipment we can carry out inspection and testing on board the new-build vessels. By selecting EMM as the provider of all the marine and lifting gear on board a vessel, our clients are able to have a single database of certification, simplifying future inspections and documentation management.

Bollard Testing and Spooling Facilities

EMM can also provide equipment for carrying out bollard testing and spooling facilities for installing tow wires and work wires.